How to Order

how to order system
Hi, bakers! Check out is not available in our website. In order to facilitate your orders better, please follow the steps on how to order your baking supplies online.
1. Check our products under Products page. You can also shop at our Shopee and Lazada stores.
2. Create your order list. You can type it directly to the Chat window at the bottom right corner of our website.
3. Once you are done, send your list to the Chat window. It is connected to our Messenger. Or send it directly to our Messenger:
4. Don't forget to add your personal details like Contact and Address. If you're using a Guest account, please add your full name.
5. We will reply with the total price and availability of items ordered. We will also send bank details and payment options.
6. Once order is finalized and paid, we will confirm your payment and advice the time of pick-up. Please wait for our message before booking your courier.
For those of you who reside in Luzon provinces, we have a Bus & Truck Package Delivery Service. For Visayas and Mindanao bakers, we also ship through JRS Express and AP Cargo.
Thank you for your patience. ❤️
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