Bambolini Doughnuts and Soft Dough Bread Workshop with Chef Tanya Shukor

Chef Helmielzida "Tanya" Shukor graced the Love2bake Kitchen Studio last August 24, 2019. It was a full house workshop despite the heavy rainfall with students coming from all parts of the Metro and nearby provinces.

Chef Tanya shared her secret in making the best bambolini doughnuts and soft dough bread that includes the softest ensaymada and coffee bun. There was also a bonus demo on croissant and cream puff.

Special thank you to our workshop partners:

Le Frank Ingredients Philippines Inc. for sponsoring the premium donut glaze that we used for the bamboilini donuts. They have really good flavors like dark chocolate, white chocolate, cappuccino, tiramisu, and strawberry. So good that we have started carrying this now at our shop for the convenience of all you donut lovers.

KitchenAid Philippines for providing all the heavy duty mixers that we used for this class. We only trust KitchenAid and we are still amazed at how durable and powerful the professional series are every time we use it in our workshops.




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