Cafe Breads and Pastries Baking Demo

agripacific baking demo

Our Kitchen Studio is finally back from a 2 year hiatus thru a group baking demo sponsored by Agripacific Corporation.

It was truly a day full of learnings as we navigated our way to baking breads and pastries with the help of Chef Arvin Cariaga and the rest of Agripacific's technical team.

agripacific products

The theme of the event is Cafe Breads and Pastries. Participants were able to lear how to bake Korean Garlic Bun, Coffee Bun, Meat Floss Bun, Caramel Ensaymada, Chocolate Spanish Bread, and pastries like crinkles, cupcakes and brownies. Bread recipes use Peacock Instant Yeast and Ultra Bake Shortening, while the sweet pastries use Hercules All Purpose Flour, Gold Bake Butter Oil Substitute and Pacific Sunrise Vegetable Oil. These Agripacific products are all available at Love2bake.

love2bake kitchen studio

Agripacific Corporation is a producer of flour, oil and other types of fat in the industry supported by top-of-the-line, new generation machines, strictest quality assurance, and a professional team with more than 50 years of combined experience in producing the best quality products.

baked goods

Stay tuned for more workshops only at the Love2bake Kitchen Studio. ❤️

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