Our 11th Anniversary

OMG! It's been 11 years already?? A lot has really changed but memories are still clear when we first opened. I won't make this long. I'll just share the highlights of what happened on February 12, 2022. ❤️

We had our group photo early in the morning before our store got busy.

Our Love2Bake girls. They're in charge of sales and operations in our store. Most of our clients go back because of their friendly and efficient assistance. One of our strengths is quality service after all.

Our Love2Bake boys. They're in charge of delivery and shipping. Sometimes they help out in sales when the girls are overwhelmed by the amount of foot traffic in our store.

Thank you for sharing your baking journey with us for the past 11 years! We are grateful for all the support we are getting in providing our employees with continuous work throughout the pandemic.

Cheers to many more years!

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