The Ultimate Cookie Class for Junior Bakers 06082019

Junior bakers, ages ranging from 4 to 12 years old participated in our first workshop for kids last June 8, 2019 with Love2bake's very own Teacher Mommy Kar Unson.

It was a full house class where enthusiastic participants learned how to bake their own ultimate cookies in three different flavor variations: Chocolate Chips, Double Chocolate Chips and S'mores Cookies.

This special class is made possible by our generous sponsors:

LTH Corporation for providing us with the chocolatiest Selbourne Chocolate Chips used in our cookie recipe.

Global Pacific Network for the Flechard Pure French Butter (TIP: The best butter to use in everything, never settle for anything else!) that we used for baking and Conaprole UHT Milk that all kids got to take home to enjoy with their freshly baked cookies.

And to RM Boxes, for always providing us with great packaging for all the takeaway treats we have for our workshops.

Thank you so much to all the parents who entrusted their kids to The Love2bake Kitchen Studio. May they all grow up to be wonderful bakers knowing they have parents supporting them all the way.

Thank you so much to our dear sponsors for sending over the best products to use in baking. We have Selbourne baking chocolates, Flechard butter, Conaprole Milk, and pastry boxes from RM Boxes.


We use only the best butter- Flechard 82% french butter in baking these delectable cookies.


Because freshly baked cookies taste better when paired with Conaprole Fresh Milk.


Teaching kids how to assemble this pastry box from RM Boxes.




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