Top 10 Baking Essentials for Home Bakers

Top 10 Baking Essentials for Home Bakers
When I just got into baking, my reaction was that it's A LOT. There's so many ingredients to keep track of, thinking if I'm following the recipes right and there's so many dishes and tools to wash and clean!
But after many years, I learned a lot of skills and hacks that made baking really simple. Stocking up on ingredients that I usually use helps too. No more running to baking supply stores because I forgot that very important ingredient in the middle of mixing. It still happens, I won't lie, but rarely. 😅
So, we thought that it might be fitting to put up a list of baking essentials for those who are just starting out as home bakers. These are our must-haves for a hassle-free baking sessions at home!
1. Flour
Flour is the #1 in our list because it holds all the ingredients together. Flour provides the structure in baked products. Aaaand you'll certainly find flour on most of the recipes anyway. All Purpose Flour is the commonly used but when a recipe tells you to use Bread Flour or Cake Flour, you use it. Just store them properly coz you don't want flour weevils or weevil worms surprising you.
flour, yeast, baking soda, baking powder
2. Leavening Agents: Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Yeast
THESE! I'm telling you, don't forget these ingredients. I have a lot of experience when I had to stop my plan of baking whenever I find out that I'm out of Baking Soda or Baking Powder. Leavening agents make your dough or batter rise to give your baked products volume and texture. You don't want flat cupcakes!
3. Sugar
Get properly stocked with Sugar. Recipes usually call for cups of this. And because baked treats won't be called treats without the sweetness you get from sugar. If you're cutting off sugar on your diet, there's always substitutes like Stevia or Erythritol.
white sugar, brown sugar, eggs, glucose, erythritol stevia
4. Eggs
A lot of baked goods like cakes and cookies rely on eggs to thicken, emulsify and build volume. It also gives moisture and richness to your baked goods. Egg white is also essential because of its whipping ability and volume buildup.

5. Butter
Everything is better with Butter! No kidding coz it gives richness and structure. It also helps create a light and tender texture in cakes, cookies and pastries. If you're into flaky pastries, butter is your friend.
cocoa powder, baking chocolate, unsalted butter, salted butter
6. Cocoa Powder & Chocolates
Chocolate is a delicious cure for a bad day. Not a chocolate fan? Maybe you haven't tried Dark Chocolate. Add Cocoa Powder or baking chocolate to your baked goods for that rich chocolate flavor and color.
7. Vanilla
The role of Vanilla in baking is like salt in cooking. It enhances all the other flavors in the recipe. It adds a distinct flavor and aroma. Without it, baked goods might end up tasting flat and bland. Whether you add an imitation vanilla or the real good thing, it's a must!
vanilla, vanilla extract, wire whisk, spatula
8. Whisk & Spatula
No, don't use a spoon or fork when mixing ingredients. Get a whisk and spatula instead. They're super useful tools for mixing together the ingredients. Whisk is really good at mixing wet ingredients while you need spatula to fold and scrape batters.
9. Mixing Bowl
Baking in big batches? Deep stainless steel bowls are perfect for holding together a batch of batter or dough. It's really easy to work with. You won't even have to worry if your bowl is too small for the batter. Scrape the bowl until the last drop!
baking pans, round pan, rectangle pan, mixing bowl, muffin pan, springform pan
10. Baking Pans: Round & Rectangle
Choose a pan that is most suitable for your baked goods. Usually it's just round pan for cakes and rectangle pan for cookies and bars. Don't forget to check the size of your oven before getting your pans. If it fits, it... bakes? 😬

There it is! Our top 10 list of baking essentials. There's still a lot of ingredients and tools you can stock on but you can start with these while you explore the vast world of baking.

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