5 Holiday Baking Tips Every Baker Needs to Know

love2bake holiday baking tips
Baking, just like everything else, gets extra-special around the holidays. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked goods wafting through one's home.
It's not only about baking but the joy and excitement of tasting and getting a bite of that homemade cake and cookies and seeing the happy faces of your family and friends when you share with them your sweet masterpiece.
But holiday baking can be stressful if not done right. We've had our fair share of experiences when we just want to stop in the middle when everything doesn't go the way we've planned it. Or the workload is just too much that it's physically and mentally draining already.
So, let's take the stress away from baking. Here's our holiday baking tips that will surely keep your sanity in check!
organize recipes, baking ingredients and baking tools
1. Get Organized
This is one of the keys to maintain your sanity. Start preparing early. Review your recipes and make sure you have all the baking ingredients and baking tools you will need. Also, you can prepare what can be made or freeze ahead of time so you can work faster and more efficient on your baking day.
clean up pantry and refrigerator
2. Clean Up
Clean out your pantry and refrigerator to make space for all your finished products. Also check and clean the tools you'll be using so you won't have to waste time looking for them and cleaning them up when the day comes.
check ingredients availability and expiry
3. Check Your Ingredients
Make sure you have the staple ingredients like butter, flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, baking soda and vanilla so you won't have to have a last minute shopping (Check our Top 10 Baking Essentials). Also check your nuts, fruits, chocolates and spices if they're still good for use.
bake with family and friends
4. Involve People
Baking alone can drain you a lot. Invite your family or friends to help you on your baking day. It can get crazy and fun while making memories. Though if you're introverted like some of us, it's totally ok if you enjoy some alone time. It's just that sometimes you really need those extra hands.
pack baked goods in festive packaging
5. Wrap It Up
It's time to pack your baked goods! Choose the most festive packaging you can find. Be more extra and add some ribbons and gift tags too. You can go for the simple looking route too if that's your thing. No judgement there. After all, they say that homemade gifts are always appreciated.

That's our holiday baking tips! We hope that you can apply this on the coming holidays ahead and the years to come. If you have any personal tips and experiences you want to share, comment it down!
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