• Christmas Pang-Negosyo Baking Demo

    Global Pacific Network graced our Kitchen Studio with a Christmas-themed baking demo led by Chef Timothy Faller. Each participant learned how to bake Hazelnut Cheesecake, Strawberry Matcha Butter Wreath, Chocolate Creme Roll, Fruity Chocolate Biscotti and Mango-Cashew Cream Cheese No Churn Ice Cream.
  • Cafe Breads and Pastries Baking Demo

    A baking demo where bakers learned how to bake bread bestsellers like Korean Cream Cheese Bun, Meat Floss Bun, Coffee Bun, Caramel Ensaymada and Chocolate Spanish Bread. With Bonus recipes for pastries like Crinkles, Chocolate Cupcake and Brownies.